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Charity Sale for the Donations project of ‘Hatzinor’ TV Show:

One of the biggest Israeli soccer stars today is offering his uniform set of the Israel national football team, which includes his original uniform (shirt and pants) as well as the captain’s ribbon.

Tiroche will not Charge Buyer’s Premium for items 100A – 100G that was donated to the Project.

Click here for a video of Bibras Natkho

The "Pass It On" project by the "Hatzinor" TV show is helping people before the holidays with urgent help – for those who are cut off from electricity, for those who are about to be evicted from their apartments and for those who are hungry for bread. 

The project will divide the money raised here among as many needy families as possible.

The money will go directly only to the people who need it immediately, and as we promised – the project will show in full transparency everything that happens with the money you donate.

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