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Eran Shakine

Goat, 1996, ink on paper, 10X20 cm. Signed and dated.

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About: Eran Shakine

Eran Shakine was born in 1962 in Tel Aviv, he currently lives and works In Tel Aviv, London and New York. Shakine was born to a Hungarian mother and a French father, both of whom were Holocaust survivors and moved to Israel after World War II. Shakine is an artist who creates in mixed media, such as painting, drawing and sculpture. He studied art at Wizo in Tel Aviv. From 1987 to 1992 Shakine lived in New York and was the assistant of the artist Karel Appel. Shakine emphasizes the materiality and technique in his artworks, he likes to use various materials in his work. In many of his paintings is can be seen that the subjects are influenced by Middle Eastern motifs, such as different animals in nature. Shakine often creates series of paintings in the same subject, for example, series of pools and series of goats. In 2014 Shakine displayed the solo exhibition "Graffitigirl". In the exhibition the figure of a girl was featured without facial depiction, created by a black line describing her body without details that emphasize her identity. The way that Shakine painted the girl in the series highlights the emptiness of anonymity, the individual within the collective. The artist portrayed the girl in mixed media, using sculptures, paintings and graffiti on doors and fences. In 2017 he exhibited a solo exhibition at the Jewish Museum in Berlin. In the exhibition called "A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew", the artist humorously portrayed the similarities and differences between the religions. The exhibition featured 40 large-scale paintings on paper and canvas and three metal sculptures. Despite the title of the exhibition, the paintings do not portray jokes or use stereotypes, the three religions are presented in collaboration. The paintings describe daily situations that emphasize the attempt to find similar origins. Despite the differences, the idea that emerges from the exhibition is that everyone shares the same dreams and history. Shakine has exhibited many solo exhibitions and has also participated in numerous group exhibitions at important art institutions, including the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Israel Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Herzliya. In addition, he exhibited in many international galleries in Tel Aviv, New York and San Francisco. Shakine won numerous grants and awards for his artistic work, among them the "Arts Matters" grant New York (1990), "Artist in Residence" Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (1995). In 2016, Shekine held two solo exhibitions of contemporary art in New Jersey and in the Museum of Art Haifa. In recent years, Shakine created numerous public sculptures and permanent installations around the world, in cities such as Tel Aviv, Munich, Warsaw and Budapest. His works have also been exhibited at the world's most prestigious art fairs. Shakine's works are in the permanent collections of the British Museum in London, the Ludwig Museum in Aachen Germany, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Israel Museum and in many private collections.
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