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Pinchas Abramovich

Window, oil on canvas, 90X80 cm. Signed.

Provenance: Gaby and Ami Brown collection.

Estimated price: $400 - $600

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About: Pinchas Abramovich

was born in Mažeikiai, Lithuania in 1909, and was the youngest (out of 7 children), raised by Jewish traditional parents who owned a workshop and a shop for shoes and leathers. At the outbreak of World War I, his family was deported to Russia, where he studied in a Jewish school. After his mother's sudden death when he was just 7 years old, his family emigrated to Ukraine and in 1922 returned to Lithuania and settled in the town of Seda. Abramovitch attended a Jewish school and was active in the Scouts movement and Hashomer Hatzair. He received his first artistic education from an artist named Anniv in the town of Shibli. In 1926, at the age of 16, he began studying in an art school in Kovno. During 1927 and1929 he was a member of Hashomer Hatzair movement, worked in agricultural training and painted in his spare time. At the age of 20 he immigrated to Israel and became a member of a kibbutz for Lithuanian immigrates near Binyamina, where he first met the artists Yehiel Krize and Avigdor Stematsky. At the age of 22 he studied painting in a school at the Beit Zera kibbutz, where he also lived for a while. In 1932, at the age of 23, Abramowitz moved to Tel Aviv and worked for two years in Zaritsky's studio, together with Yehiel Krize, Arie Aroch, Chaya Schwartz and others. In 1934 Abramovich became a member of the Association of Painters and Sculptors. In 1935 he traveled to Paris where he painted at Académie de la Grande Chaumière. Returning to Israel via Lithuania and Italy, he met with Streichman in Kovno, and from 1938 to 1945 was an active member of the Haganah organization, he enlisted in the British army and served in Iraq and Iran. In the years that followed, Abramowitz taught painting in various schools in Tel Aviv. Pinhas Abramovitch was one of the founders of Ofakim Hadashim in 1948, he exhibited in almost all of its exhibitions and even served as the movement's secretary for many years. Between 1956 and 1966 he visited South Africa and stayed there for a while. Between 1952 and 1972, Abramovitch taught painting at the Kibbutzim College in Tel Aviv, and from 1981 to 1984 he was chairman of the Painters and Sculptors Association.
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