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Uri Lifshitz

Untitled, Panda on paper, 70X100 cm. Signed.

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About: Uri Lifshitz

Uri Lifshitz was born in 1936 at Kibbutz Givat Hashlosha. In 1952, he began studying art at the Kibbutzim Seminary; painting under Marcel Janko and sculpture under Dov Fagin. In 1954, Lifshitz enlisted in the army and served in the paratroopers' brigade, after being wounded during his service, he was released from the army. In 1961 after studying painting under Chaim Kievo he traveled to Paris for three weeks. Later, in 1963 he began to study etching techniques and in 1965 he moved again to Paris for a year and a half. In 1965, Lifshitz joined Rafi Lavi and together they founded the group "Ten Plus", which was considered a pioneer in Israeli art. Lifshitz does a lot of paintings with his body, in his own unique way, with a storm of passion and sometimes very bluntness. In his works, he also addresses politics and current issues using Israeli press photographs. Towards the end of his life, Lifshitz created a series depicting, in an extreme way, his death and burial by using dark and heavy colors. His works present the dissonance, the physical and mental conflict, and the constant struggle of the crystallization of self-identity. In 1966, after his divorce, Lifshitz left the kibbutz and moved to Tel Aviv, and in 1969 he represented Israel at the Art Biennale in San Paulo. Lifshitz participated in the last exhibition of the "New Horizons" group together with Rafi Lavie, Moshe Kupferman and Yigal Tumarkin. He had a solo exhibition at the Israel Museum and the Tel Aviv Museum, and many of his works are in various museum collections and important collections.
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