Zero Cents

Zero Cents Triptych, 2008, Mixed Media on board, 79X138 cm, Signed ”Jesus” on each panel. Exhibited: Shmone De Plus, Tel- Aviv, ”The Beautiful Taxi”, September-November 2008 Zero Cents (USA, Undisclosed) Manifesto: ”Autodidactic American artist, Zero Cents, established his name as a graffiti/street artist- after an intense period of street works both in the USA and Israel. Zero Cents’ is known for his broad, though overlapping styles. His pieces, concern painterly gestures, often depicting skeletal figures and masks-like faces that express his obsession with morality, religion gender and values. Other frequently depicted imagery such as automobiles, women, police, outcasts of society, transgender beings, sex and graffiti came from his experience painting on the city streets. When working, Zero Cents’ uses panel paintings, paper and collected materials from the streets, all featuring dense surfaces with writing, collage and seemingly unrelated imagery. This amalgamation reveals his identification with historical and contemporary figures as well as events from daily life”.

Estimated price: $2,000 - 3,000

Sold for: 1725

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