Gershon Knispel

The Employment Bureau (Study), 1956, Oil on board, 90X160 cm. Signed and dated. Literature: Sara Breitberg-Semel, Artist-Society-Artist, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 1978. – Gavriel Tadmor, Haifa: Portrait of the City in Painting and Sculpture, Haifa Museum of Art, 1988. – Radah Abramo, Traces, (Sao Paulo Biennale), 1995, p. 47. – Gila Ballas, Social Realism in the 50’s, Political Art in the 90’s, Haifa Museum of Art, 1998, pp.58, 85. – Gideon Ofrat, One Hundred Years of Art in Israel, West View Press, New York, 1998, p. 179. – Galia Bar Or, Gideon Ofrat, The First Decade: Hegemony and Plurality, Museum of Art, Ein Harod, 2008, p. 63. – Batia Donner, Haifa 1948-1958: City of the Present, Haifa City Museum, 2008, p. 78. – 100 Years of Israeli Art, Yigael Zalmona, Israel Museum Publishers, 2010, p. 160-161 (Illustrated).

Estimated price: $10,000 - 15,000

Sold for: 18400

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