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Rotem Orgad

Time’s Doing, 2013, Hand-Made Chandelier: Gilt metal and wool knit, aquarium grown synthetic crystals. 130X60X60 cm. Signed, One-off. This work was part of Rotem Orgad’s graduate project for the Holon Institute of Technology. The project investigated synthetic crystal growth on various objects, combining science and design. Crystals are masses that can be found in nature or grown in labs. Orgad created a gilt metal chandelier covered in kitted wool. She submerged this object in an aquarium filled with a chemical mix of substances and slowly grew small crystals which grew in size and number over time. Each object in this project is unique as it is impossible to anticipate where crystals will grow on the object, a kind of simultaneous control and lack of control over nature. The project is called “Time’s doing” which embodies the long process of growing crystals and the meeting point between ancient and modern. The items appear as if they were pulled from the depths after a long time.

Estimated price: $1,600 - 2,000

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