Sale: Auction 152 Date of sale: 01.02.2014 Item: 174

Studio Sfog - Gidi Gilam & Yotam Shifroni

Viva La Fashion, 2013, Mannequin parts, candle stick (Ready-made), goat’s skull and epoxy paint, 70X48X21 cm. Signed, One-off. None of the ready-made objects chosen for this project are obvious objects which a designer might choose when trying to create a piece of art for an exhibition about fashion. While trying to avoid stating cliches of fashion, the designers Gilam and Shifroni challenge its foundations by using objects which in their own territories, are left in the margins. Unused faulty doll heads (because of imperfection of plastic molding), old candle stick and a broken goats’ skull, all mashed up together to create the perfect fashionable table lamp.

Estimated price: $1,000 - 1,200

Sold for: 1035

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