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Sharon Sides

Stumps, 2013, Flor Chair, Photoeching on brass, 93.5X60X87 cm. Signed, Handmade limited edition series, each one-off. Purchased by Studio Ko, Paris, France. Exhibited at Bespoke Global Gallery, New York, U.S.A. Publications: Casa Vogue Brazil, Scarlet Opus UK, Hi Home Russia, Pin Up New York, Residence Netherlands, Modern Decoration Home China, Chlorosphere France, Places of Spirit Germany The STUMPS collection deals with the transference of motifs from nature to design using technology. The design process offeres a different outlook on a tree trunk, which is normally associated with beams utilizing its length, and focused on the rings that appear on the actual stump. This point of departure presents us with a new morphology. The pattern implies the history of the tree as well as its age. As part of the work process, patterns of tree stumps were etched on brass. The brass sheets were bent into furniture pieces, while the outline of the tree stump was kept intact. Shaping and then bending each etching took into account the original outlines of the tree stump, consequently bestowing each piece with its own unique character.

Estimated price: $1,800 - 2,200

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