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Itay Ohaly

Fragmented Processes Desk 01, 2011 Maple wood, MDF, steel tubes, lacquer, paint, LED light, 175X85X80 cm. Signed, Prototype, One-off. Selected Exhibitions: 2011 – ‘Design academy Eindhoven Exhibition’, The Netherlands 2012 – ‘The Machine – Designing a new industrial revolution, C-Mine, Genk, Belgium 2012 – ‘TAC – Dutch design week’ Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 2013 – ‘United We’ Stroom Den Haag, The Netherlands. As part of the project ‘Fragmented Processes’, Ohaly designed a series of desks that are conceived through distinct processes. Each phase in the process was contributed by an individual participant, who has no preconceived notion of the projects end goal (the final object). Ohaly collates each participant’s contribution into a system that produces the final object. Due to the fragmented nature of the contributions, the final design cannot be known, even to Ohaly, until executed. With ‘Fragmented processes’, normal design processes and their linear logic are eliminated. The results of this system instigate the development of ohaly’s unique furniture.

Estimated price: $3,000 - 3,500

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