Founded in 1992, and since held more than 170 auctions, in which tens of thousands of art items have been sold. Today, the Auction house holds four live auctions per year, two consist of Israeli and international art, and two consist of decorative art; silverware, jewelry, Judaica, clocks, carpets, porcelain, far-east and more.
The Auction house specializes in the evaluation and sale of art, and over the years has established itself as the largest auction house in Israel and the world’s leading auction house for Israeli art.
At Tiroche, we place customer service as one of our top priorities. Our team includes experts in various fields, mainly art, decorative arts and jewelry; who are happy to contribute from their experience and assist in a variety of subjects and services such as professional assessment, consultation and more. With access to tens of thousands of art collectors in Israel and abroad, Tiroche holds bi-weekly online auctions, private sales and operates the Tiroche online store – thus aiding sellers get the best prices for their items.

Tiroche buyers are exposed to special, rare art items, some of which also have historical importance. For the past five years, Tiroche has also enabled online LIVE participation in its auctions from anywhere in the world and from any device. Customers from all five continents have already bought and sold items with Tiroche, and continue to do so thanks to the expertise, integrity, and service we offer our customers. For 20 years, Tiroche was the only body to sell items for the State General Custodian – the Ministry of Justice, all state estates and gifts given to public figures. Among the auctions that have been held in Tiroche over the years are auctions of important estates such as the estate of Baroness Batsheva de Rothschild, estate of Suzi and Abba Even, Ephraim Kishon, paintings from the estate of Leah and Yitzhak Rabin, Golda Meir and many others.

מכירת לייב בתירוש בית מכירות
תירוש בית מכירות פומביות

Among the bodies selling art with Tiroche are the Phoenix (insurance company) art collection and the Ami and Gaby Brown art collection – two of Israel’s largest art collections in quality, quantity, and variety, the El Al Art Collection, the Israel Museum, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and many more.
In 2014, Tiroche was chosen by the court to execute the auction of the IDB Holdings art collection as part of the debt arrangement, in which 100% of the items were sold and new price records were set for many Israeli artists such as Lea Nikel, Rafi Lavie, Nir Hod, Eli Shamir and more. Tiroche also holds price records for most Israeli artists, such as Yosef Zaritsky, Moshe Gershuni, Moshe Kupferman and many others.
Tiroche is proud to accompany non-profit organizations and local charities in Fundraising Auctions for charity purposes. In recent years, the Auction house staff has volunteered to donate time and experience to carry out auctions for the Israeli Spirit Association, Schneider Children’s Hospital, Beit Issie Shapiro,” Latet”, “One of Nine”, and more…

Today Tiroche Auction house is managed by Dov Hazan and his two children, Galia and Amitai Hazan Tiroche. The Tiroche Family novel with the art world began back in the 1950’s, when the family’s grandfather, Jean Tiroche, immigrated to Israel and established the first art galleries In Israel. Jean’s daughter, Orna, married Dov and together they operated two art galleries in Tel Aviv and Jaffa for 20 years. In 1992, Dov Hazan and Mickey Tiroche established the Auction House, which was joined in 2007 by Galia and Amitai. Art is an inseparable part of Tiroche D.N.A and we strive to make Israeli and international art accessible to as wide an audience as possible in Israel and around the world. The buyer’s fee in Tiroche stands at 18%, while most of the auction houses in Israel and abroad charge a 25% buyer fee. This low fee is one of the reasons for Tiroche high sales percentages – approx. 90%, the highest selling percentage in Israel. Click here to go to Tiroche Timeline – including highlights from 26 years Tiroche Auction house has been operating.

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