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Shalom Sebba

A Farmer, Collage on paper, 13X13 cm. Signed.

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About: Shalom Sebba

Sebba was born in 1897 in East Prussia and died in 1975. Engaged in painting, set designing and installation art. Sebba acquired his artistic training in Knysberg and Berlin. Between the years 1930-1929 he stayed in France, and in 1936 he immigrated to Israel and settled there. As part of the Israeli painting tradition, one can see Sebba as one of the most prominent pre-Canaanite artists. From 1947 to 1954, Sebba studied optical problems as part of the "new objectivity" theory, in which he built the area on geometric planes embodying volumetric illusions. In 1955 and later, he presented compositions on a new view of objects in space. Shalom Sabba, who in his German past has proven Max Beckman-style figurativeness, refused to come to terms with the law of abstraction. In 1960, he had two solo exhibitions at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and a series of monumental works in Ashkelon, Haifa, Givatayim and Tel Aviv. During 1961, Sebba created four relatively large works in various mediums following a visit to Caesarea and its antiquities. Three of them were called "archeology" by him and the fourth was called "Caesarea". In retrospect, these were his last major works. From 1964 until his death, Sebba created over a hundred small, enigmatic collages, which create a magical and mysterious world. A kind of "farewell blessing from the familiar world." Sebba has always seen himself, identified with the avant-garde and progress. His series of "elements" articulates the material image in pure formal terms, what abstract artists have called "values." His mission was clear: to unite modernity with the "real", to combine artistic autonomy with a commitment to the "outside world".
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