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Yehudit Sasportas

Ink on paper, 42×59 cm.


Estimated price: $2,000 - $3,000

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About: Yehudit Sasportas

Born in Ashdod in 1969, Sasportas currently lives and creates art both in Berlin and Tel Aviv. She got her BFA and her MFA in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. In addition she studied in the Academy of Art and Science "Cooper Union Academy of Art" in Manhattan, New York. Sasportas creates with mixed media techniques and she works with various mediums such as sculpture, video, sound and painting. She creates complex 3D designs and art installations. The emphasis in her exhibitions is on the integration of the 3D objects with the space in which they are presented in. In 2000, she presented her solo exhibition titled "The Carpenter and the Seamstress" at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The exhibition dealt with her parents building and home in Ashdod. Her parents were artists, her father was a carpenter and the mother was a seamstress, Sasportas's personal style was inspired by her parents who were craftsmen. Sasportas makes art that deals with nature, with the influence of Japanese traditional art. Her famous foldable fan series combine abstract forms with spiritual content inspired by Japanese art shaped as a large Japanese foldable fan. In 2013 she presented a solo exhibition at the Israel Museum called "Seven Winters". The exhibition combined the museum's space with sculptures, works of art and drawings of various sizes. The exhibit featured black and white landscape paintings of a forest and a swamp, while bringing up to discussion the subjects of conscious and subconscious. The use of a variety of techniques in her art and their presentation in one space creates an intense sensory experience for the viewer. Her artworks are adaptable and respond to the architecture of the structure in which they are displayed in. Yehudit Sasportas is one of the most successful contemporary artists in Israel and abroad. She has exhibited solo exhibitions at the Tel Aviv Museum and the Israel Museum, and has exhibited at several major galleries in the US, Germany and Belgium. Her works were also on display at the Frieze Art Fair and at the Berkeley Museum of Art in San Francisco, the high point of her career was in 2007 when she represented Israel at the Venice Biennale with the exhibition "The Guardians of the Threshold".
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