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Ludwig Blum

The Flower Gate, Jerusalem, 1928,
Oil on canvas, 60×82 cm.
Signed and dated.

The authenticity of this painting has been confirmed by Mrs. Mira Chen, the artist’s granddaughter.

An outstanding work of Blum’s from 1928.

Blum undertook the mission of immortalizing the sights of Israel and its people using a unique technique that reached its peak in the 20s.

Blum traveled the land back and forth but fell in love with Jerusalem, which became the object of his observation of its alleys, its holy sites and of course the figures with Arab appearance.

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About: Ludwig Blum

Blum was born in 1891 in Czechoslovakia and died in 1974 in Jerusalem. He studied painting in several cities throughout Europe and in 1923 immigrated to Israel. He started to paint through research trips across Israel and it’s surrounding countries. Known mainly for his realistic Israeli landscape paintings, the city of Jerusalem in particular, he began his career as a portrait painter, with important figures from the Middle East as his subjects. In his paintings he offers different views on Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, and other holy places and surrounding areas. Moreover, he painted various subjects of an exotic and oriental nature. Bloom is known as a painter of the Holy City, but he was also one of the first to paint the city of Tel Aviv in the twenties.
Beyond his realistic paintings of Jerusalem, Bloom was also connected to the city by other avenues. He was one of the main initiators to find the Jerusalem Artists House and served as its chairman for numerous years. His broad contribution to the city awarded him with the city's most beloved artist's award in 1968. His paintings were featured in many exhibitions in Israel and across the world, which lead to many of his paintings being in private and public collections today.

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