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Anne Ben Or

Girl and Flowers,
Mixed technique on canvas, 95×76 cm.

Anne Ben Or, born in Belgium. Immigrated to Israel in 1990 and currently lives in Netaf and creates in Tel Aviv.

Graduated from the "Master Class" program at Jerusalem Studio School (JSS) directed by Israel Hershberg.

Ben Or is engaged in painting and in recent years painting and college.

Her works range between oil paintings, and a collage of printed fabrics that adhere to the parts painted in oil, and between an oil painting painted entirely on a printed fabric.

In the paintings, human images appear in different situations, combined with ornament patterns.

Ben Or seeks to create a world in which a mysterious fusion takes place between contrasts, basic materials, times and places seemingly foreign to each other, which meet at the borders and create unity.

Ben Or has been represented by various galleries in Israel and in recent years has been represented in Israel and abroad by the Rothschild Art Gallery, Tel Aviv. In the past, she was represented by the Obsession of Art Gallery, Bergen, Holland (2008-2021).

Ben Or participated in the prestigious annual portrait exhibition BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London (2017), in the group exhibition "Between us" at the Israel Museum (2018). In addition, her works are found in many private collections in Israel and around the world.

Estimated price: $4,000 - $6,000

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