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Tal Shochat

Pomegranate Tree,
C-Print, 70X70 cm.
Signed on a sticker on the reverse.

To watch a video aboutTal Shochat’s works, click here

Artist Tal Shochat (b. 1974), a graduate of the photography department at Beit Berl College, resides and creates in Tel Aviv-Yafo. Shortly after completing her studies in 1999, she exhibited in solo exhibitions in galleries and museums in Israel and worldwide, including the Herzliya Museum, Haifa Museum, Rosenfeld Gallery, Negev Museum of Art, and more. Shochat’s recognition as a significant artist in the Israeli art scene came early in her career when she received the Young Artist Award in 2005, and later that year, she was awarded the Encouragement of Artistic Creation Prize by the Ministry of Culture and Sport. Shochat’s works are included in private and public collections worldwide, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Israel Museum, the Knesset Israel Collection, and others.

Since then, trees have become a recognizable motif in the works of many Israeli artists. Trees, by their nature, planted in the ground and tied to their physical location, carry an ideological, cultural, and historical charge. Therefore, the choice of trees has served Israeli artists in expressing values of locality, Israeli identity, and more. However, in the series of works most associated with artist Tal Shochat, the use of trees takes on a different dimension. Shochat manipulates and positions the trees within the composition, performing various manipulations such as using lighting or placing them against a non-natural background. These choices detach the tree from its place, blur the typical symbolic charge it holds, and assist Shochat in standing on the essence of her creation, as she raises questions about the relationship between Judaism and Israeli identity. Essentially, Shochat "directs" the trees, raising claims regarding issues related to identity, femininity, culture, and community.

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