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Shira Gepstein Moskovitz

Will I Ever Be An Artist, 2017,
Oil on canvas, 90×110 cm.
Signed and dated.

Shira Gepstein (1978) is an Israeli painter and sculptor who creates in Israel. She studied art at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (2004), where she graduated with distinction and had the opportunity to present her final project at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Gepstein has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in leading museums in Israel such as the Haifa Museum, Tel Aviv Museum, and Israel Museum, as well as in esteemed galleries. Her works are found in major private and public collections including the National Bank collection, Maccabi collection, and more. Gepstein is active in the local art scene, teaches art, supports philanthropic initiatives, and more.

Gepstein’s works possess a bold and uniquely expressive sensibility that captivates the viewer’s gaze. The composition of her works is dense and intricate, containing a wide variety of figurative and realistic elements. Her creation is often inspired by significant works in art history, aiming to address social issues, critique Israeli society, and explore themes related to her personal life.

All of the aforementioned aspects are also prominent in Gepstein’s monumental painting from 2017 titled "I Never Ever Be an Artist?" which echoes the iconic work of Da Vinci’s "The Last Supper" from the 15th century. The figures participating in the creation are significant figures in local and international culture (from right to left: Shoshke, Aviva Uri, Michal Naaman, Kara Walker, Sigalit Landau, Rachel Whiteread, Louise Bourgeois, Shira Gepstein, Marina Abramovic, Rineke Dijkstra, Anisa Ashkar, Shirin Neshat, Naama Tsabar, Gorilla Girls). The choice to place herself alongside these well-known and important creators strengthens her significance, expressing Gepstein’s desire to break into the art scene and be recognized as an artist of note.

Estimated price: $3,500 - $5,000

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