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Joint work: Zoya Cherkassky, Khen Shish, Amit Kabsa, Shay Azoulai, Shira Gepstein

Red Nosed Man, 2021,
Oil on paper, 100×70 cm.
Signed and dated.

The collaborative creation of the five artists, Shira Gepstein, Zoya Cherkassky, Chen Shish, Amit Kabessa, and Shai Azoulay, is the result of a unique project that took place in 2021. This project involved a simultaneous painting session with the guidance of the artist and master Yair Garbuz, in front of the audience who came to participate in this driving event. The collaborative painting included several exercises that required the artists to adapt and rethink their painting process in order to challenge themselves. The collaboration, initiated by, Shira Gepstein, aimed to stir the art world in the country through a significant experiment. Gepstein’s choice of these artists stems from her desire to gather artists with a cohesive and identifiable style, even when "mixed" with each other. Besides contributing to the local art discourse, the project allowed the artists to re-examine their work, gain inspiration, and draw from each other’s knowledge.

Each of the paintings reflects the influences of each of the artists. The girl associated with Zoya Cherkassky is enveloped in elements of Shai Azoulay and the characteristic colorfulness of Chen Shish. In the second painting, each of the artists added another organ to the face, thus creating an imaginary figure that leans towards Kabessa and Azoulay on one side, and towards Gepstein-Cherkassky-Shish on the other. At the end of the encounter, Azoulay and Cherkassky testified that the meeting was full of energy and opened them up to new and unfamiliar worlds.

Estimated price: $7,000 - $10,000

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