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Natalia Zourabova

Movies 2, 2010,
Oil on canvas, 134X198 cm.
Signed, titled and dated on the

Natalia Zourabova (b. 1975) is one of the talented and intriguing painters active in Israel today, gaining recognition both within Israel and internationally. Zourabova studied painting and theater in Europe and moved to Israel in 2004, where she joined other former Soviet Union-born artists – Asya Lukin, Anna Lukashevsky, Zoya Cherkassky, and Olga Kundina- to establish "The New Barbizon, " an activist painting group that has become highly influential in the local scene. Over the years, Zourabova has presented solo exhibitions alongside her Barbizon activities, refining her artistic language.

Zourabova’s palette is bold and uncompromising, choosing to depict complex and challenging compositions, often rich in detail, to convey a moment, feeling, or idea. Social activism often lies at the heart of her artistic endeavors, earning her considerable respect.

Her first solo exhibition was in 2005 at the Yad Labanim Museum, and since then, she has frequently exhibited in galleries in Israel and Moscow, showcasing solo exhibitions and participating in numerous group exhibitions, including at the Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum, Ein Harod Art Museum, and more. In 2019, she received the Discount Prize and held a solo exhibition at the Herzliya Museum, focusing on the feminine presence in domestic spaces, depicting her daughter and friends.

In 2024, her significant solo exhibition opened at the Haifa Museum, where she revisited domestic space, her apartment in Jaffa, breaking free from the conventions of realistic painting in favor of a vibrant palette. Her domestic scenes, static yet charged with energy through her use of color, received high praise and attracted visitors from across the country.

Her large-scale multidimensional painting, "Movies 2" from 2010, belongs to an early period characterized by meticulous graphic style with sharp perspective. In the center of the painting are three figures, resembling three generations of a family, sitting on a bench, wrapped in a patterned blanket, watching television in the background. The spacious room, nearly devoid of furniture, creates an eerie atmosphere, while a carpet attempts to create a homey atmosphere on the shiny floor. In the evening windows, in stark contrast to the illuminated space, a picture from Japan on the TV hints at dreams of distant places.

Natalia Zourabova has received numerous awards and grants, including the Fresh Paint Fair Prize, the Minister of Culture Prize, and others, and has been an artist-in-residence at Artport. Her works are found in important private collections in Israel.

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