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Fatima Abu Rumi

Donkey, 2021,
Watercolor and charcoal on paper, 27×20 cm.
Signed and dated.

Fatima Abu Roomi (1977) is an Arab-Israeli artist who lives and works in the village of Tamra in the Lower Galilee. Abu Roomi earned a degree in engineering in 2001 but eventually decided to "return to her roots" and began studying art at the "Oranim Academic College of Education, " where she graduated with distinction in 2005. Abu Roomi has participated in numerous group exhibitions at leading museums and galleries in Israel, and in 2011, she presented her first solo exhibition, "Personal Story, " at the Umm Al-Fahm Gallery. Since then, Abu Roomi has held additional solo exhibitions at galleries and museums, including the Museum of Islam and the Gordon Gallery, and her works are included in the collections of museums and galleries in Israel.

In her works, Abu Roomi primarily focuses on the status and situation of Arab women in society and the influence of globalization on cultural heritage. This engagement stems from Fatima’s desire to make her voice heard as a woman, as an Arab-Israeli, and as an artist grappling with these issues in the hope of building a more just society. The complex and challenging themes addressed in her works stand in almost stark contrast to the beauty and aesthetics found in her creations. Thus, one can also interpret the recurring motif in Abu Roomi’s works, the carpet, which carries within it a historical burden and cultural significance inherent in Muslim society.

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