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Khen Shish

Snow in Safed, 2010-2012,
Oil on canvas, 195×100 cm.
Signed and dated on the reverse.

Khen Shish is an Israeli artist born in the city of Safed, currently residing and working in Tel Aviv-Yafo. Her artistic training is highly impressive and includes several of the country’s top art institutions. She completed her undergraduate studies at the Oranim College of Art in 1995. Following her studies, she decided to travel to Europe, where she lived in Paris, London, Rome, and Berlin, all considered prominent artistic centers in the global art scene. Upon her return to Israel in 1998, she began her second degree studies at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, alongside studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and training at the Camera Obscura School of Art in Tel Aviv.

Shish’s works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in major museums and galleries in Israel and around the world, including the Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum, Haifa Museum, Gordon Gallery, as well as exhibitions in New York, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, and other locations. Her works are held in important collections such as the Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum, and private collections. Recognition of Khen Shish’s importance as an artist can be seen from the early stages of her career when she received several grants from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation for painting and sculpture. Subsequently, the artist has been awarded prestigious prizes, including the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport Prize for Young Artists (2004), the Morasha Fund Prize from the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2007), and the Landau Prize for Art and Science from the Landau Foundation (2013).

Khen Shish’s works encompass a variety of techniques including painting, drawing, collage, works on TV screens, wall paintings, video art, and installations. The themes she chooses to present are related to her personal experience and connected to memories from her childhood. Shish’s artistic journey combines vigorous movements with delicate drawing, giving her creations an expressive character alongside gentleness and sensitivity. This encounter generates tension that the artist aims to convey to the viewer, between chaos and fear, nature and culture, scarcity and excess. In Shish’s working process, layers and dimensions of materials and shapes are formed, which, even when hidden from the viewer, continue to influence the finished work. Thus, Khen Shish’s creation captures a broad world of ideas, styles, and emotions intuitively and experientially.

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