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Sigalit Landau

Water Trough, 2002,
Concrete, iron, plastic and pigment,
85x65x41 cm.

Exhibition: Siglit Landau, The country, Alon Segev Gallery, 2002.

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About: Sigalit landau

Born 1969 Sigalit Landau is a multidisciplinary artist who creates video, sculpture and art installations. Landau was born in 1969 in Jerusalem, she has bachelor's degree in art from Bezalel between 1994-1990 and then went on to a master's degree in 1995. She currently lives and works in Israel. Landaus works deal with social, historical and political issues in various mediums. Landau often creates with the help of pre-made materials and produces large-scale installations. Sigalit Landau first became famous when she graduated from Bezalel, when she participated in two group exhibitions of the art project "Art Focus". In the project in which she participated; the group of artists presented their works in the spaces of the new central station in Tel Aviv. There Landau created an installation in which she simulates the lifespan of a homeless person living in the new Central Station. In 1995, Landau presented a solo exhibition at the Israel Museum for the first time. The installation she created for the exhibition was full with political and national issues. In the exhibition she created large-scale dramatic installations. In 2005, Sigalit Landau presented a solo exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, called "The Infinite Solution" and was presented in the Helena Rubinstein House. In the exhibition Landau presented sculptures from various materials, works and video, objects made of sugar and coated with salt. The exhibition dealt with charged, political and contemporary issues and was a great success. Among the best-known works from this exhibition is the video creation "DeadSee" in which the artist is seen among watermelons arranged in a spiral shape. The video shows the watermelons slowly separating from the unraveling spiral. The work was a success and was displayed, among other places, at the MOMA Museum in New York, where Landau presented a solo exhibition in 2008. Afterwards, the work moved to the permanent exhibition in Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Landau represented Israel at the Venice Biennale in 2011. In the exhibition, she presented an installation that deals with a recurring theme in her works - the Dead Sea. In her later works Landau placed objects on the bottom of the Dead Sea and removed them when they were covered with a layer of salt. The Dead Sea issue stemmed from Landau's desire to reach a project in which it would build a floating salt bridge that would connect Israel and Jordan. During the years of her work, Landau has had numerous solo exhibitions in museums and galleries that are considered the most prestigious in Israel and in the world. Landau won the Gottesdiner Foundation Award for Young Israeli Artist in 2004. In 2016, she also won the Sandberg Prize for Israeli Artist from the Israel Museum. Many of Landau's works are held by leading institutions in Israel and around the world, such as the Israel Museum, the Tel Aviv Museum, MOMA New York, the Brooklyn Museum New York and more. Today, Sigalit Landau is considered one of the most successful Israeli artists in the international art scene.
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