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Eran Reshef

Loaf of Bread, 1998, Pencil on paper, 37X51 cm. Signed and dated.

Estimated price: $2,000 - 3,000

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About: Eran Reshef

Eran Reshef was born in 1964 in Tel Aviv, where he still lives and works till today. Reshef studied his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Brooklyn, New York. He was taught by the painter Lennart Anderson, and thoroughly studied figurative painting. Eran Reshef paints in a figurative and realistic style. He mainly paints realistic, everyday objects charged with emotional and political contexts. Reshef only paints from direct observation and does not copy from photographs. Perspective is very important in his works and he creates in a slow matter in order to reach maximum accuracy. Reshef presented a solo exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2011. Regarding his works Varda Steinlauf wrote: "Eran Reshef's paintings ask the viewer to give them another look, a glance that goes beyond the technical achievement of the exact representation. The presence of objects, such as the chicken placed in the refrigerator or the loaf of bread, is more than the objects that exist in the real world. They are charged with significance and ambivalence, and all the details that make up the painting - composition, texture, shape and color - appear as if through a magnifying glass, sharp and blunt in their presence. In Eran Reshef's paintings there is no adherence to "what is in reality." And perhaps even more than that, there is a realism in his paintings that avoids the desire to create symbols; Restraining the desire for absolute beauty and controlling the desire to "fix" the revealed and bring it closer to the districts of imagination. The great complexity of these paintings is based on strict, rigorous, sometimes difficult, and even sublime effects. This is an opportunity to explore the genre of painting known as figurative-realism that transcends beyond the material. " In 2010 Reshef won the Haim Schiff Award for Figurative-Realistic Art. Reshef's paintings are in high demand and in 2013 a painting by him was sold at Tiroche Auction House for $71,000, a record price for the artist. Reshef is one of the most sought-after contemporary artists in the Israeli art scene and his works can be found in leading collections in Israel and around the world, in places such as the Israel Museum, the Tel Aviv Museum, the IDB Collection and more.
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