Sale: Auction 152 Date of sale: 01.02.2014 Item: 170

Neil Nenner

Agapi (My love), 2013 Painted steel, Plywood, polypropylene straps and ropes, 62X36X242 cm. Signed. Prototype, One-off. Neil Nenner is a teacher at Shenkar College for engineering and design and one of the founders of Gaga & Design. The bench was designed for Gaga & design. This is the first item of the project that is publicly displayed and offered for sale. Nenner on the item: ”We do not always use a bench for sitting, sometimes it is thought of as an object that is a part of the architectural design of a space. ’Agapi’ was designed from this point of view, which allowed me freedom of thought in regards to the practical aspect and the shape. The outcome is a bench which I like to think of as a marine vessel”. The bench is a handmade unique, one-off item.

Estimated price: $2,500 - 3,000

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