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Ariel Zuckerman & Oded Sapir

Knitted, 2013, Light fixture – acryl ball, synthetic acryl knit, metal 1 – Height: 190 cm. diam. 30 cm. Azure 2 – Height: 165 cm. diam. 30 cm. Turquoise 3 – Height: 190 cm. diam. 30 cm. Purple Signed. Handmade limited edition. Exhibitions: 2013 Fresh Design 1, contemporary design fair, excellence show scholarship. 2013 MA fair, Atlanta, USA. ”Knitted” is a series of light fixtures combining technology with tradition. It is made from wool knitted in repetitive patterns, creating a textile that functions as a light fixture. The combination of light and knitting was the starting point for research into different materials and techniques from hand knitting to computerized industrial knitting. During the work process many materials from the traditional world of knitting were investigated, including rattan, fabric and wool and the option of combining the materials industrially through braiding, weaving and knitting was researched. Working techniques were developed with the assistance of textile designer Adva Bruner. The product of this process was a three dimensional textile knitted by machine; the ends were hand woven. Mounting this textile on a hard frame creates a light fixture with organic characteristics and rich colors.

Estimated price: $ 1,800 (3) - 2,200

Sold for: 3450

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