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Aram Gershuni

Obi, 2007, Oil on board, 42X36 cm. Signed, dated and titled on the reverse. Literature and Exhibition: Aram Gershuni, paintings from 2004-2009, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Mordechai Omer, October 2009 – January 2010, P. 42 (Illustrated). Full proceeds from the sale of the 8 works No.194-197 part A, and No.535 – 538 part B will be donated to the ”Ezra Le Marpe” Organization, led by Rabbi Firer.

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About: Aram Gershuni

Aram Gershuni was born in 1967 in Tel Aviv to the artist Bianca Eshel-Gershuni and to the painter and Israel prize winner, Moshe Gershuni. Aram Gershuni paints art which features figurative and realistic forms, in his works of art he mostly paints portraits and still life in Hyper Realism style. Gershuni studied in the "Jerusalem Studio School" that was founded by the painter Israel Hershberg in 1988. After graduation, Gershuni taught at "Bezalel" between the years 1997-2004 and after that he taught at "Jerusalem Studio School" in the years 2004-2006. In 2005 Gershuni co funded with additional artists the "Hatahana" a drawing and figurative painting school in Tel Aviv, in which he teaches till this day. Art curator Gideon Ofrat wrote in 2014: "The contemplating eye. In the act of painting. Gershuni Aram reduces his entire being into an eye and a soul. His continued lingering on the object, his intensifying focus on the object and it alone, conveys self-effacement. Self-denial, in favor of an eye and nothing else, disembodied eye versus an object presence: in this long process towards pure gaze, pure consciousness, we are transported to a different space-time: no longer the practical and stressful time of the demanding everyday life, but rather impractical observation for its own sake, at the climax of which time becomes timelessness, and then the observation is already contemplation. What starts with a material object in the world, ends as pure spirituality above and beyond man and world." In 1998 Gershuni was awarded with "The Award for Young Artists" from the Ministry of Culture. In 2009 he presented a solo exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Many of his works have been exhibited over the years at various exhibitions in important Art institutions, such as the Tel Aviv Museum, the Israel Museum, and even at the National Portrait Gallery in London, where his work won the BP Portrait Award. Gershuni's art works are very popular with art collectors and in 2011 Aram Gershuni's work from the Gabi and Ami Brown collections broke a record price for the artist at public auction when it was sold in Tiroche at the price of $ 24,000.
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