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Renana Termechi

Tiroche UNFOLD

Balloui, 2021,
Oil on linen, 70×60 cm.

Renana’s works are made using traditional techniques learned through the tradition of figurative painting. The scope of her work is varied and includes interior paintings depicting busy figures, free outdoor paintings characterized by bold brushstrokes, and still life paintings. Renana draws her inspiration from the hidden beauty inherent in simple everyday life and issues close to her personal life. More than trying to replicate reality, she tries to grasp its essence on the spiritual level. The figures in her paintings are alive and we watch from the sidelines what is happening in their active lives. Renana’s technical mastery of oil paints combined with high drawing skills allow her to independently represent what she sees or creates. Her works are characterized by rich colors, varied brushstrokes, sometimes very expressive and sometimes built of transparent layers of oil paints that create a complex lattice of shades.

Termechi lives and works in Jerusalem and studied art in Israel and abroad. Her paintings are included in private collections in Israel and abroad.

Estimated price: $3,000 - $5,000

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