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Hila Shamia

Wood Casting, 2011, Aluminum cast, white cedar stump (rare), 80X59X34 cm. Signed, handmade series, One-off. Selected exhibition & Awards: 2013 – Wonderland, 19 GreekStreet, Design Week, London 2013 – RAW / tech, Design Week, Milan 2013 – On the Road, ENTRATALIBERA, Design Week, Milan 2013 – Metamorphose, Megeve, France 2012 – Anatomia del Design, Design Week, Milan 2013 – Nominated for the “German Design Award 2013” Hila Shamia’s work is inspired by Man’s emotional connection to objects and her observation that people build stronger emotional connections with imperfect objects. Therefore, her focus as a designer has been on investigating these imperfections rather than working with perfectly formulated products. Shamia choses to use whole tree trunks. This enables her to preserve the natural form while setting clear boundaries. Her technique is to pour molten aluminum directly onto wood. The meeting point of the two materials is marked by a charcoaled strip. The casting process includes high temperatures, flames and smoke. When the metal cools and the mold is broken, a black boundary between the wood and the metal is revealed. The object created encapsulates the drama that is inherent in the production process. The merging boundaries between the two materials preserve the memory of the molten aluminum and the carbonization of wood forever. As in nature, the final product is unique. The random and imperfect nature of the piece give it its aesthetic value.

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