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Noam Dover and Michal Cederbaum

Concrete – Wedged Mould series, 2013, Mould cast and hand processed concrete. 48.5X29X35 cm, Limited edition, Signed and numbered 2/6. Selected exhibition & Awards: 2013 – Designing the Middle East, 19 Greek St., London 2012 – Growing curve, Jerusalem design week, Jerusalem 2012 – Containers, design Miami, Miami, USA 2012 – Investigative games in defined space, Gallery of the department of Ceramic and Glass design, Bezalel academy of art and design, Jerusalem 2012 – Alix de Rothschild Crafts Award winners, Benyamini contemporary design center, Tel Aviv 2012 – 3rd prize Alix de Rothschild Israeli crafts artist’s award. ’Concrete’ is a vase that explores the relationship between fragility and mass, between a material and its’ cultural context, between the broken and the whole. ’Concrete’ explores how cement functions on a small (handmade) versus a large scale (building). Qualities such as fragility and instability raise questions in regard to the relationship between the mould and the cast. The vase is designed such that its sides become thinner toward the edges. Although all the vases are cast from the same mold, each vase has its’ own unique shape as the act of extracting the object from the mold inevitably breaks its thin edge. The serial nature of the cast object is thus – quite literally – fractured.

Estimated price: $1,600 - 1,800

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