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Orly Montag

Tiroche UNFOLD

Head Stand, 2023,
Jesmonite casting (marble),
48X13X10 cm.
Signed, dated and numbered 1/3.

Her figures represent in various ways the theme of home, family and femininity as she works with unusual materials in her works, including itong and terracotta, most notably porcelain. Montag creates minimalist characters characterized by blurring gender markers and subtracting or exaggerating certain details. The use of unrealistic proportions, the blurring and distortion express a search for personal and cultural identity and a dimension of uncertainty. In a superficial observation, the sculptures represent the aesthetic, the beautiful and the pleasant, but deep observation reveals vulnerability and anxiety and reveals the complexity and diversity of the human experience.

Montag lives in Petah Tikva and is a graduate of the Department of Ceramic and Glass Design at Bezalel Academy, from which she graduated with honors. Montag’s works have been featured in solo and public exhibitions.

Estimated price: $3,000 - $4,000

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