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Yael Dreizen Rabo

Tiroche UNFOLD

Mor and Or, 2023,
Oil on canvas, 50×70 cm.
Signed and dated on the reverse.

Dreizen creates using the technique of oil on wood or canvas, focusing on the female experience of life. Her works draw from the extensive tradition of painting women in art history, but also consciously targets the contemporary layers of meaning of the perception of femininity and its representation in images in contemporary culture. It can be said that her artistic work is influenced by both external and internal realities. Her works reveal many layers that embody within them a story that unfolds, which is subject to the viewer’s interpretation. Her works originate from her interest in the experience of life as a woman, versus the representation and place of women in art history, which shape the prevailing "femininity" of today. She often paints revealing personal portraits of women in their intimate surroundings. She paints using a classic and long-standing technique of oil on canvas.

She is a graduate of Bezalel School of Art. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and around the world. Her works are in private collections throughout the country.

Estimated price: $3,000 - $4,000

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