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Yonatan Menashe

Tiroche UNFOLD

Meeting, 2024,
Oil on canvas, 100×70 cm.
Signed and dated on the reverse.

Yonatan Menashe’s paintings have a dreamy, terribly familiar and thoughtful atmosphere. The characters appear in dreamy or cinematic spaces, his paintings are mysterious and full of mood, diving into the correlation between light and dark in his unique portraits. Menashe, in his paintings and the figures he creates, deeply merges the personal with the historical, political and artistic elements, bridging abstract and figurative elements in his dynamic body of work. His work directly and indirectly merges what is happening in the world, the place, and the personality. His mysterious paintings become a revealing symbolic gesture of the collective unconscious and the inner workings of the artist’s own mind and work process. Menashe combines and expands historical painting techniques such as chiaroscuro and color gesture experience as abstract expressionism.

Yonatan Menashe is a graduate of Shenkar, who has already exhibited in Tel Aviv, Berlin and Seattle, and his paintings are in the collections of universities, medical institutions alongside the collections of companies and private collectors.

Estimated price: $3,000 - $4,000

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