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Orly Hummel

Tiroche UNFOLD

Sneakers & Phone, Detail form the
Installation “The Maze, "
Casting of polymer plaster, 16X22X40 cm.

Hummel, a sculptor and artist, creates situations in her works that flood the viewer with a sense of self-awareness in the face of the sculptural experience. In her works, she examines how methods of copying and simulation activate personal and collective memory, instill nostalgia, motivate public movement, and reformulate the narrative of the community. Hummel ranges from sculpting casts, to building expansive spaces using walls and modular objects. She keeps her works clean and sterile, usually pouring them in plaster or painting them white. Hummel uses metaphors and childhood memories where the props, body movements, and gestures of children’s play are a tool in Hummel’s hands for an amused look at adult life mixed with suffering, pain and existential questions.

Hummel holds a bachelor’s degree in art and mathematics from the University of Haifa, and an art master’s degree from London. Her works have been exhibited in galleries and museums in Israel and around the world, including the Israel Museum, Petach Tikva Museum and more.

Estimated price: $3,000 - $4,000

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